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Look no further if you want to update your look with a modern barber-style cut. Instead, experience a one-on-one consultation with one of our artistic stylists, who pride themselves on up-to-date education and consistently improving their skills to provide you with the latest cutting techniques and looks. As stylists, we understand that no two hairs are the same; we will help you choose the right cut and style for you and your lifestyle and teach you how to recreate your look easily at home. Feel confident you will leave our salon feeling beautiful and on trend.

Fringe Trim $45

female fringe trim haircut

Trim $30

female barber hair trim

Restyle $80+

female restyle haircut

Pensioner $30

Barber By Design
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Barber By Design

As highly creative artisans, we are set to elevate ourselves and the barber industry to offer an unparalleled experience for the broader community. About Us.

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